Sentence-fixing for price-fixing

A recent prosecution of price-fixing “criminals” has resulted in some sort of landmark decision whereby the US and the UK will cooperate to a far greater degree than in the past in ensuring that the criminals receive a sentence, whether served in the UK or the US, at least equal to that they would receive […]

Doctoroff departure a blessing for NYC

It was announced today that Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff will be leaving Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration this month… but not leaving his side. Doctoroff will go on to become president of Bloomberg L.P., the financial news and analytic services company. In commenting on the deputy mayor’s record, Mr. Bloomberg said: “As the chief architect of our […]

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I have migrated this blog to Please go there for important new content. (When I started out with the one you’re looking at, I wasn’t thinking correctly about aligning the “title” of the blog with its url. Not sure why I didn’t see that need at the time. Anyway, future posts will likely just be there, instead of trying to put them on both. Sorry for the confusion.)

Imprtnt Ephemera is a blog kept by Keith Gardner for the purpose of interacting with a small number of people on a global field. I have a business, Bitsworld (a name I purloined from an incomprehensible slogan on a Japanese pencil box), which offers IT and management consulting and business services. I’m also an amateur composer and musician.

Here I’ll focus on those political and philosophical matters that I think exist on both a personal and a global plane; ideas and experiences that are at once deep, heart-felt, and private; and yet universal, and with impact outside of ourselves.

For those who might wonder why “imprtnt” rather than “important,” well, I guess if it were all that important, I’d have put in all the vowels. It’s my own tongue in cheek way of saying, “take it with a grain of salt.”