Doctoroff departure a blessing for NYC

It was announced today that Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff will be leaving Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration this month… but not leaving his side. Doctoroff will go on to become president of Bloomberg L.P., the financial news and analytic services company. In commenting on the deputy mayor’s record, Mr. Bloomberg said:

“As the chief architect of our five-borough economic development plan, Dan Doctoroff has done more to change the face of this City than anyone since Robert Moses. And unlike Robert Moses, he did it by working with communities rather than by bulldozing them.”

But does Mr. Bloomberg think we’ve forgotten that it was nearly otherwise? Does he think we’ve forgotten about our failed bid to host the Olympics? Entire blocks and neighborhoods would have been bulldozed to make room for the Olympic facilities and villages, which in the aftermath the Games would be a perpetual reminder of the short-sightedness of this administration.

For a bit more insight into where these ideas are coming from, that it might actually have been a Very Bad Thing for New York City to have hosted the Olympic Games, why not take a look at this book: Inside the Olympic Industry : Power, Politics, and Activism, by Helen Jefferson Lenskyj

Anyway, to Mr. Doctoroff, I say good riddance. Go do your thing at Bloomberg L.P., and enjoy. To Mr. Bloomberg, I say don’t get so caught up in the attempt to out-glorify an already glorious city that you ruin it. Take it easy.


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